Knowing Thyself, Maybe…

Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to truly know thyself for an extended amount of time.

Thinking about the various transformations that I’ve harangued through over the years, sometimes this thought crosses my mind that knowing thyself fully and completely might be something of a long, winding dead end. I don’t know…

Everyday parts of our minds & bodies are morphing and dying. Everyday our thoughts, ideas and consciousness undulate through temporal fabrics. It unnerves me when someone asks my opinion on something because of my awareness said opinion is continuing to grow and evolve.

In each moment, I know myself in that moment, but am aware of the mercurial fleeting nature & mechanics of just about everything.

I think this idea scares some people. Sometimes it scares people into nihilism. Other times it scares people into clinging to certain schemas about themselves and/or their surrounding environment. Both reactions are understandable. This isn’t a condemnation of said reactions. Some people like a little organization in their life in various forms so the world and themselves don’t seem so chaotic.



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