We Make Our Days

Every day it becomes more apparent that we decide what will/won’t affect and effect us. We have the ability to make our days “good” or “bad,” even though there is no such thing as a day itself being “good” or “bad.”

I now a person who continues to look for things to worry about despite having what many would consider a “good day” after accomplishing many tasks. Conversely, I also know someone who, by all accounts could have what others would consider a “bad day,” yet almost always will find something to smile about, be it a brief moment or a lesson learned from that day.

When it comes to creating the brief realities of different universes each day, our abilities in this area are much more profound and self-fulfilling than we often realize. This isn’t meant to suggest or imply environmental factors don’t play any part in the unfolding of ourselves. To an extent, certain things are indeed out of our control, especially when we are young and easily impressionable to imprints of the world. HOWEVER, as we age, there is a certain amount of responsibility many of us need to own up to when it comes to our reactions of everything. Since age grants perspective (not wisdom), we have the ability to look back at past actions and reactions to hopefully learn in some way. Based on our perspective and experience, this also means we must recognize how much all of our actions and reactions are now a choice.

Naturally, it is sometimes quite easy to become swept up in the thoughts and emotions of others. But again, this is where meditation and mindfulness comes into play, allowing us to see these patterns within ourselves and others.


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