The Enormous Entirety of Being

The power of sitting with yourself, just being immense. if more people just sat with themselves, perhaps there wouldn’t be such a self-confidence epidemic. The fierce grace power love we can show ourselves by just being with ourselves is immense!


Published Thoughts on Fear

published insights thoughts on fear

Elephant Journal has published some of my words about fear.

Extremely humbled to announce that some of my thoughts on fear have been picked up and published by the wonderful people over at Elephant Journal.

Don’t be afraid to show them some love!


Shouldering Too Many Burdens

Many of us face the obstacle of shouldering too many burdens.  Though sometimes it comes from a thoughtful place, the mind can sometimes overestimate the mental capacity and strength we have to endure such heavy thoughts. One needs to be mindful of how much they are putting on themselves. Because many of us have a tendency to carry more responsibility than we can handle, we sometimes forget it’s weighing us down. However, ultimately it is a choice.

When we shoulder too many burdens, it becomes much more difficult to spread our wings.

spread your wings.

Painting by Saeed Akhtar


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