Inhaling the Connection

Whenever you find yourself outside, take a few moments to inhale some of the sunlight. Feel it move through your body with each inhale and exhale.

Inhaling the rhythms of nature we can feel our connection to nature as we exhale and inhale each breath.

We are connected to everything through breath.

When we dive into ourselves we are diving into nature, reconnecting with our breath which we are exhaling outside, reconnecting to the light of the sun through melting into the warmth on our skin, reconnecting to the ground as we sit and allow ourselves to melt into that.


Grow Yourself

Grow yourself organically.

May we all grow and evolve ourselves organically.


Mad with Understanding

If we were to fully see and understand every and all aspects of life in addition to whatever spiritual modality wholly encompasses all of us, we’d go mad; laughing and crying simultaneously until our minds would melt away. 


Critical Thinking Tips

For Everyone Who Thinks

For Everyone Who Thinks

The thoughts in this new article on Medium have been in a long gestation period. A brief excerpt is below, but I encourage all those who hopes to live a higher consciousness and mindful lives to read the whole thing,

“Thanks to an onslaught of complicated laws and loopholes in addition to the ever growing wedge of political division, room for nuanced thought, let alone critical thinking seems to be at an all time low.”



The Magic Body

The body’s ability to release and heal cannot be underestimated, even if we don’t always know what’s happening. It is imperative for all of us to have more faith in our bodies, despite some of the obstacles often associated with living in this world. 


Pain Disguised

Often, but not always memories, forgotten thoughts, past trauma, emotions and feelings disguise themselves as physical pain. Sometimes though it’s also just physical pain.

But when a thought, trauma, memory, feeling or emotion does disguise itself as pain, it is because a reconciliation and release hasn’t taken place. Our memories (both subconscious physiological) can be quite mysterious sometimes in storing things that have had an impact on us. Perhaps some of this is due to being too young to wholly process and move through said memories, forgotten thoughts, past trauma, emotions and feelings, so our mind and body stores it away for later. Sometimes we make a specific choice not to “deal with” certain things going on within and around us. Either way, the longer we hold on to these different things, the more and more they become like ghosts after a while, occasionally haunting.

This is why meditation can sometimes be intense, because sometimes in an effort to tone down our conscious and subconsciousness, things like memories, forgotten thoughts, past trauma, emotions and feelings might come bubbling to the surface.


Free with Yourself

Simple moments of silence can drown out everything if we allow ourselves to sink into ourselves.

To be free in yourself, for only a moment is a nirvana orgasm of eons if you allow it to be.


The Choice of Listening to Hurt

When people are hurting, we have a choice to either listen or ignore. However, some ways of ignorance are subtle. Sometimes these hurt people will test our patience, try to hurt us, etc. This is because they are scared. Some might not even feel scared because they’ve managed to mask the feelings for so long, and they’ve cocooned themselves into thinking they are not. But deep down, they are, and this is OK. 

It is also a choice to respond to their hurt, or simply allow ourselves to listen.


Chaotic Silence

We have the ability to perceive and amplify either/or both peace and unrest within ourselves.

On the surface, moments of now are paradoxes of chaotic silence. 

Our mental flow bombastically bombarding us with thoughts, information, emotions and other stimuli can seem quite anxiously overbearing at first.

Yet, after spending time within ourselves and said moments, allowing all of it to wash over as we surrender to the flow; a sweet, vast serenity emerges within all of us, warmly comforting as we simultaneously dive in and out of ourselves, allowing for perspective from our thoughts and mind.


Out of Control Release

Sometimes it takes a while to release old habits, patterns, thoughts, etc. It is a process that is partly out of our control. We cannot force these things to dissolve.


Moment for You

Each moment is an entire universe just for you if you choose to abide and be with each moment. 


The Mercurial Nature of Thoughts, Feelings, Ideas, etc

Thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions all have a weight that we can either don for our benefit or detriment. But we need to be mindful of how we go about this in a way of not being too attached to any idea, thought, emotion or even fact, as all of these things are mercurial; evolving and in some cases morphing entirely over time. 


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