Primary Importance of Breath

Breathing is the first, most important thing before you can do anything else. Not just physically to stay alive, but also in the majority of situations we often find ourselves in.


The Nooks of our Bodies

You’d be amazed at what we store in the nooks of our bodies, underneath muscle and thought, resting in the subconscious like dusty boxes in an attic. 

The difference being these things we store; memories, ideas, feelings and emotions, will crawl out, making new homes & embed themselves all over the body in the form of tension  and other such physical manifestations over time.


Meditation is Being

Click the link below or click the picture to read the most recent article of mine published on Elephant Journal

Click the link below or click the picture to read the most recent article of mine published on Elephant Journal.

Once again the glorious folks at Elephant Journal have published some more words of mine that originated from this humble blog. This article goes in depth about the mechanics and purpose behind meditation.

Also, please don’t hesitate to check out more articles on Elephant Journal, as there are tons of talented folks sharing their own delicious slices of knowledge & perspective.


The Inward Journey

The inward journey can happen at anytime we choose. Many, including myself sometimes reference this traveling as a journey, and perhaps in a way it is, or at least it feels like it. But the word journey implies there is a destination, or arrival. This “journey” is more like a remembering, because now is all around us, always. The physical world we see, the words you are reading at this moment is now. It is our minds that distract us from this. This journey is not something we need roads or maps for. The inward journey arises when we follow our breath into the infinite pattern of now. 


Light Spits

Light spits out darkness spits out light a revolution igniting friction burning rainbow hues sparking sight.


Traveler’s Dreams

The road is a lullaby.


Remember to Play

As kids, it was a staple of our lives. Somewhere, for many adults, playing slowly fades perhaps due to increasing pressures of the “adult world.” But it is important we remember to play once in a while, to nourish that inner child through dance, toys, art, imagination, music and maybe even doing nothing.

Play allows the mind to relax while simultaneously growing and moving through & releasing many things, perhaps even a few subconscious thoughts & feelings.


Feeling Others and Self

Feeling the tension in others can be difficult, and sometimes we don’t always know when we are. It’s easy to confuse other’s emotions with our own sometimes because the movement, vibration and energy of other people are quite fast, regardless if it’s of a positive or unfriendly nature.

I’ve noticed that often, when I am around others or speaking with others who are experiencing a lot of grief or frustration, in the moments I am with them I am fine, everything is good. But later, after speaking or being in their presence I find that sometimes the echoes of these thoughts reverberate back, like a delayed response. I feel these things move through my body sometimes, and I often cry/laugh later. For some like myself, it seems like there is a greater inclination toward becoming attached to the the thoughts, vibrations and energy of others. Every day is a learning process of how to detach and release. 


Obstacles of the Artist

Creativity is unlike anything else on the planet. It is akin to madness, with a touch of release and a drop of hope. I recognize that creativity is a big part of my life and personality. However, I think sometimes I’m afraid to let go of the world around me, even if it’s something simple like a beautiful leaf.

As an artist it’s sometimes a volatile process to be in the now. In general, for everyone it can be, but I think for artists it can be even more difficult. Artists spend much time in the moment already, yet also and sometimes simultaneously the art comes from not being in the now at all by essentially freezing a moment in time, or a thought and emotion. Even those artists flowing in a stream of consciousness are, in a way at the very least holding on to a moment for a little longer as is translates through their song, brush, pen or whatever. 

I think this process has the potential to pose a challenge in regards to letting go of thoughts sometimes, especially for creative types. I don’t think creative types obsess over certain thoughts, but at the same time, they do. This isn’t to say by any means an artist cannot or shouldn’t meditate, but rather an acknowledgement, as an artist myself, he creative process can sometimes make it harder to let go, despite the fact that art itself is a method of release. 


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