Feeling Others and Self

Feeling the tension in others can be difficult, and sometimes we don’t always know when we are. It’s easy to confuse other’s emotions with our own sometimes because the movement, vibration and energy of other people are quite fast, regardless if it’s of a positive or unfriendly nature.

I’ve noticed that often, when I am around others or speaking with others who are experiencing a lot of grief or frustration, in the moments I am with them I am fine, everything is good. But later, after speaking or being in their presence I find that sometimes the echoes of these thoughts reverberate back, like a delayed response. I feel these things move through my body sometimes, and I often cry/laugh later. For some like myself, it seems like there is a greater inclination toward becoming attached to the the thoughts, vibrations and energy of others. Every day is a learning process of how to detach and release. 


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  1. LuAnne Holder
    Feb 05, 2016 @ 10:03:21

    I think I know what you are talking about, but I seem to feel it also in the presence of the other. Yesterday for example, I talked to two people on the phone where were each stuck in a cycle of negativity. I wanted to help but when I began to offer advice I immediately realized in both cases that each one could not get out of the negative cycle until she was ready. So I just listened. The more I meditate the more I do feel the pain of others but I think I also am starting to build cushions of protection for myself as well. I am not sure I am comfortable with that distance yet. Thanks for sharing this because I really can relate.


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