Evolving Love

Love is always evolving.


Generation of Change


Today I published an article on Medium about a subject I’ve been meditating on for quite some time, but only recently have words come through to express these thoughts.

I encourage everyone to check it out if you feel like it by either clicking on the link above or here…
“Harbinger’s of Change: Millennials, Gen-Y, Scorpio Generation or Whatever You Want to Call Us.” https://medium.com/@brycepost/harbinger-s-of-change-millennials-gen-y-scorpio-generation-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-us-d871dbb1b9fa

Breathing Power

The power of breath on the body, every movement & thought changes us. The air is more powerful than we give it credit. Not only does the air intensify or cool the heat from the sun, but it also carries our words, thoughts and emotions.  

Each breath has the power to eradicate fear should we so choose to focus on that. Each breath has the power to help us remember that we are surrounded by love as it dwells within. Each breath can bring us to the present moment.

This is what breath is all about.


The Meaning of Life

New video on the blog. While I think the meaning of life is different for everyone, there are a few things I think we can all agree upon.


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It’s a Trap

Sometimes, people trap themselves into their own perpetual self-fulfilling prophecy prison traps. An example might be someone who often says things like “I feel like nobody wants to help me with anything,” yet also says “I just need to do things myself to keep myself distracted,” among other phrases that catch some in a near perfect trap of inability and apathy.

Granted, every situation is different and context is needed. This isn’t meant to be a blanket statement. These situations are complicated, especially when we can see people who put themselves into these perpetual self-fulfilling prophecy prison traps. In these instances, being around those who trap themselves, it is important to note that we can only do so much to help. This isn’t meant to say we should be apathetic toward people like this or love them less, but we should be aware of how much time and energy we spend with people like this, as after a while it can prove to be draining.


Breathing Pilgrimage


Our breath is a journey

Breath is a timeless
pilgrimage toward being.

Abide the journey.


Earth Rhythm

Mother earth’s rhythms absorb any and all vibrations if we allow her to. 

Simply being outside, in nature, even if it is a city park, being in a natural space is enough to allow our bodies time to synchronize, perhaps briefly with the rhythms of the earth, which in turn can, in a sense, cleanse or repair certain parts of ourselves if we allow for a release.


Meditation Thoughts Videos

Some days I put together brief videos of some thoughts, which can be found on my Instagram page, located either below or toward the right hand side depending if you’re using a phone or computer of some sorts.

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Thank you for reading, watching & being.


Loud Mind

Sometimes, the mind is much too loud to quiet on one’s own, and this is completely normal. Our minds have a lot to say sometimes, making it difficult to focus on breath or silence, especially for new meditators.

While it is ideal for one to simply acknowledge each thought & return focus and energy to breath, heartbeat, silence or whatever, a little help getting there doesn’t hurt from time to time.

When the mind is too loud to simply focus on one’s breath, this is where focusing on a mantra or words could be of great benefit, or even some peaceful music.


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