Vulnerable Reconnection


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At every breath we are most vulnerable because every breath invites all things into you. While this may seem overwhelming or unpleasant to some, it is also important to note at every breath is when we are at our strongest, for in every breath we are processing and transmuting that information through our bodies and it is in every breath that we are reconnected to all things in this world.


Remember Our Connection

All of our connections to all things is fleeting; people like friends and family, ideas like love or depression, places like art galleries or coal mines, other living entities like grass or water, it’s all fleeting. But while it is all fleeting, it is important to remember we are connected to these things through every breath and heartbeat.


Feeling Others and Self

Feeling the tension in others can be difficult, and sometimes we don’t always know when we are. It’s easy to confuse other’s emotions with our own sometimes because the movement, vibration and energy of other people are quite fast, regardless if it’s of a positive or unfriendly nature.

I’ve noticed that often, when I am around others or speaking with others who are experiencing a lot of grief or frustration, in the moments I am with them I am fine, everything is good. But later, after speaking or being in their presence I find that sometimes the echoes of these thoughts reverberate back, like a delayed response. I feel these things move through my body sometimes, and I often cry/laugh later. For some like myself, it seems like there is a greater inclination toward becoming attached to the the thoughts, vibrations and energy of others. Every day is a learning process of how to detach and release. 


Inhaling the Connection

Whenever you find yourself outside, take a few moments to inhale some of the sunlight. Feel it move through your body with each inhale and exhale.

Inhaling the rhythms of nature we can feel our connection to nature as we exhale and inhale each breath.

We are connected to everything through breath.

When we dive into ourselves we are diving into nature, reconnecting with our breath which we are exhaling outside, reconnecting to the light of the sun through melting into the warmth on our skin, reconnecting to the ground as we sit and allow ourselves to melt into that.


Mad with Understanding

If we were to fully see and understand every and all aspects of life in addition to whatever spiritual modality wholly encompasses all of us, we’d go mad; laughing and crying simultaneously until our minds would melt away. 


Technology Awareness

Upon awaking from a nap or a deep sleep, sometimes I find myself needing to record a dream or idea that has suddenly rushed into my mind, and the only tool nearby is my laptop or phone. The same can be said for some of my meditations as well.

Recently however, something has come to my attention as I continue participating in this pattern. It has become much more noticeable how much being around these technology devices alters my normal breathing and heart rate patterns.

In previous posts, I have meditated at length on the rhythms of ourselves as individuals, how others may affect those rhythms and the rhythms of nature we have been ignoring. But looking back, there doesn’t appear to be much thought on technology. I’ve met others who have described feeling various wifi signals and other manmade waves, some people even insisting that I power down my phone around them. And while I’ve never dismissed these claims, I’ve also not embraced them.

This brings us back to our beloved technology that continues to engrain itself into all parts of our lives. I can understand what these people are talking about now, especially as I deepen my meditation practice.

Something happens to my breathing and heart rate after using these tools for a while or when I’m just waking up. I don’t think it has anything to do with what I’m writing about or thinking in those given moments, but maybe it does. But it seems as though there’s something about technology that is clearly disruptive to some people.

In last year, I spent a week without internet access, but I documented my thoughts and later uploaded to Youtube.

After watching that video again, I feel as though the same thing could be said for using multiple tools of technology. This in no way means that I am rejecting all technology or calling for everyone to burn their laptops and phones. That’s impractical for many, though it may work for a few. However, we do need to become more aware of how these technologies are affecting and possibly disrupting our daily lives.

Perhaps the reason for these disruptions is due to the needs of our bodies to be used. Our bodies are not dumb, and they recognize when they are not in regular use or exercise. Some studies are starting to show various levels of disruption as well.

Normally I wouldn’t ask anyone to do this because I realize everyone has their own patterns and ways of doing things. But, the next time you meditate, or the next time you wake up from a nap or sleep, take a few minutes to use your smart phone or laptop. Notice the affects, if any in your body when you use these or other devices. Do you notice any changes in your breathing or heartbeat? Are muscles becoming tense or do they atrophy? Notice your thoughts. Are they racing or normal? Record this. Perhaps try it again another day. Perhaps nothing happens. But try and see.



Temporary Universes of Life

Each day is its own temporary universe. Each connection & relationship is its own universe. Each moment is its own temporary universe. Expecting similarities, results &/or actions from previous encounters is folly, for nothing can be as it was.


Actions Ripple

Every action we take is a choice. Some choices will ripple through our entire lives while others dissolve quickly like cotton candy in the mouth.

There are infinite futures.


Melt into Yourself

Fade into the world. Allow the rhythms time to wash over you.

Feel your body sink into the sound around you, into the place you find yourself; be it in nature or home on a sofa. Let yourself melt into this spinning world, surrender (let go) & release yourself into the world, like effortlessly floating in water.



Last year I was guided toward a greater understanding of a process by which I think many of us have a limited understanding of in practice, yet an innate understanding in theory.

Many people enjoy giving, be it their time, able body, attention, food, money, love, etc. And this practice in and of itself is wonderful, because it there’s a certain feeling of selflessness that goes along with this idea of charity.

And there are others, who innately need things, and are ecstatic to receive such gifts that have been lacking in their lives for an extended period of time.

Both of these ideas in an of themselves separately, or in unison, are part of our human existence. Just as it’s easy to fall into certain mental patterns, allowing our minds to whisk us to unconscious places, it’s also easy to get become caught up in both of these ideas individually, especially givers.

I’ve noticed many people who give often become so caught up in this selfless act of giving, they actually lose themselves, and not in an Eminem type way. They get so caught up in the giving they forgot to receive. A practical example of this is someone who slaves away at their job, constantly giving giving giving their time, energy, heart and mind without taking any, or perhaps extremely limited time for themselves. And there are many justifications for this, all of them neither positive or negative.

And just as equally, there are those who become caught up in the receiving cycle too, an those people become a drain on those around them, not to mention enabling themselves in a rather lazy fashion.

Whatever the case, both extremes of this become so caught up on one side of the cycle they forget it’s a cycle!

Give/Receive/Give/Receive ad infinitum. 

We must remember to remind ourselves and each other that giving and receiving is an infinite cycle. We must also remember that as we are giving, we are also receiving, and as we are receiving we are also giving.


Let’s Connect

Take a moment for a few deep breaths. Allow your mind to settle, be it through clearing your thoughts, focusing on breathing or however you prefer to ease your mind.

Now take some time and feel, really feel your connection to the earth. Feel what part of you body is connecting with the earth right now. Observe how that connection impacts and influences the rest of your body. How does this make you feel in general? Take a few moments to feel this connection with the earth.

As you continue to connect with the earth, take a moment to connect with the sky at the same time. Feel the differences, if any, as to how parts of your body are connecting to the sky. Observe how that connection impacts and influences the rest of your body. How does this feel as you continue to connect with the earth simultaneously?

Feel both impacts, if any, the earth and sky are having on your mind, body and spirit as you connect to both simultaneously. What does this feel like as you cultivate your focus towards only how your body is feeling as it interacts with the earth and the sky at the same time?

Take some time to be in this space, focusing on how the earth and sky are interacting with your mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself some time to simply listen and feel whatever information, if any, comes to you as you focus.


Living Conduits of Information

Everything in and on this Earth is a conduit for everything else. All one needs to do is look at the four elements to understand this concept of give/receive/give (ad. infinitum) cycles of interconnectivity.

As we continue to evolve, our minds and bodies are learning new ways to transmit all kinds of information to each other, to the rest of the world. This is both exciting and terrifying, however the crux of this idea and information  centers on our consciousness (or perhaps for some of us the lack thereof). As we, the human beings continue to evolve on all levels of mind, body and spirit, we need to be aware of not only what we are transmitting, but how.


Allow Yourself to be in Light

Focus on the light surrounding you, inhale it inside your body. Feel the light move and vibrate, illuminating the dark crevices inside as it congeals with the light inside you already, the light that burns forth, stoking passion and play and expression in various forms. Feel both of those sources merging, congealing; the light inside you now expanding, caressing your liver, lungs, heart and all other organs inside your body. Feel the light enveloping you from the inside, expanding outwards as you exhale. Feel yourself surrounded by such luminous, shimmering warmth. 

This is you if you allow yourself to be. This is you. 
This is us. 
It is. 
We are. 


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