The Power of Words


Meditating on my words.

Meditating on my words.

In the past I have used my words carelessly, and as a result it has hurt some people. I can understand how certain things said can have a momentous and megalithic reaction in some, even though it was never my intention to cause such large reactions. Our words are valuable, for they are the air we breath vibrating through us into the consciousnesses of others. And while I realize and understand I am NOT responsible for the actions and reactions of others in how they will interpret & perceive what I say, part of me feels it necessary to take responsibility for the carelessness in which I did speak.

This is part of my humanity.

To be clear, his isn’t meant to be a call for political correctness or censorship of thought and words, for I value the freedom of self-expression and speech quite highly. However, this is a call to be mindful of the words we say and the context in which we are using them.


Evolving Love

Love is always evolving.


Breathing Power

The power of breath on the body, every movement & thought changes us. The air is more powerful than we give it credit. Not only does the air intensify or cool the heat from the sun, but it also carries our words, thoughts and emotions.  

Each breath has the power to eradicate fear should we so choose to focus on that. Each breath has the power to help us remember that we are surrounded by love as it dwells within. Each breath can bring us to the present moment.

This is what breath is all about.


Earth Rhythm

Mother earth’s rhythms absorb any and all vibrations if we allow her to. 

Simply being outside, in nature, even if it is a city park, being in a natural space is enough to allow our bodies time to synchronize, perhaps briefly with the rhythms of the earth, which in turn can, in a sense, cleanse or repair certain parts of ourselves if we allow for a release.


Traveler’s Dreams

The road is a lullaby.


Remember to Play

As kids, it was a staple of our lives. Somewhere, for many adults, playing slowly fades perhaps due to increasing pressures of the “adult world.” But it is important we remember to play once in a while, to nourish that inner child through dance, toys, art, imagination, music and maybe even doing nothing.

Play allows the mind to relax while simultaneously growing and moving through & releasing many things, perhaps even a few subconscious thoughts & feelings.


The Magic Body

The body’s ability to release and heal cannot be underestimated, even if we don’t always know what’s happening. It is imperative for all of us to have more faith in our bodies, despite some of the obstacles often associated with living in this world. 


Out of Control Release

Sometimes it takes a while to release old habits, patterns, thoughts, etc. It is a process that is partly out of our control. We cannot force these things to dissolve.


Release with Forgiveness

If we allow ourselves to forgive not only ourselves, but everyone else, we would release so much trauma within and around us.

For some, this takes time. Others can do this after a single dance. Regardless, when one surrenders to their own flow of the present moment, release cannot help but take place, which in urn creates healing.


Healthy Peace Meal

The peace you consume in silence is the healthiest meal you will ever eat.


Listening to Your Heart

Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to it’s poetry.
Hear it’s humming vibrations
pumping blood just for you.
Feel the liquid life flowing–
nourishing each organ,
painting each vein.
Each thumping rhythm
is a blessing of epic proportions–
one more moment of experiencing
this thing called living.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to it’s poetry.
Hear the sacred music
just for you.
Feel it’s holy waters
& spirit
blossoming your gardens of time.


A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Mariner

Sometimes now is a challenging place to be. It’s not always going to be complete serenity and surrendering to bliss.

Sometimes the mind is especially loud in thoughts and distractions, which is ok. The key is not becoming frustrated, because that gives your mind thoughts more power. Sometimes when we are in now, old traumas or hurtful thoughts may arise, or maybe present traumas may come to surface. Again, this is ok too, as it shows one is ready to process and move through these thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, etc. Acknowledging and accepting they exist is a HUGE and quite profound step, but it is not the only step. One still needs to embrace and release these thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, etc. If one is unable to do this with themselves, that too is alright because this is where the talking kind of therapy could be beneficial, should other means of appropriate release not be helping.


Road Key of Breath

Breath is the key. Each breath contains millions upon millions of data. Within each breath is the key that allows us not only to dive into ourselves, but also transcend ourselves. Each breath holds emotions, memories, thoughts, light. The rhythm of our breath is the road, guiding where we travel.


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