Fueled by Little Things

As cliched as it sounds, it’s the little things in life that can sometimes fill our heart and soul with purpose and warmth. Sometimes people (myself included) can get so caught up on the big goals and major shifts happening and that we want to happen, that we forget or ignore the little moments throughout each day that can inspire and fuel us.


Generation of Change


Today I published an article on Medium about a subject I’ve been meditating on for quite some time, but only recently have words come through to express these thoughts.

I encourage everyone to check it out if you feel like it by either clicking on the link above or here…
“Harbinger’s of Change: Millennials, Gen-Y, Scorpio Generation or Whatever You Want to Call Us.” https://medium.com/@brycepost/harbinger-s-of-change-millennials-gen-y-scorpio-generation-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-us-d871dbb1b9fa

Primary Importance of Breath

Breathing is the first, most important thing before you can do anything else. Not just physically to stay alive, but also in the majority of situations we often find ourselves in.


The Nooks of our Bodies

You’d be amazed at what we store in the nooks of our bodies, underneath muscle and thought, resting in the subconscious like dusty boxes in an attic. 

The difference being these things we store; memories, ideas, feelings and emotions, will crawl out, making new homes & embed themselves all over the body in the form of tension  and other such physical manifestations over time.


Meditation is Being

Click the link below or click the picture to read the most recent article of mine published on Elephant Journal

Click the link below or click the picture to read the most recent article of mine published on Elephant Journal.

Once again the glorious folks at Elephant Journal have published some more words of mine that originated from this humble blog. This article goes in depth about the mechanics and purpose behind meditation.

Also, please don’t hesitate to check out more articles on Elephant Journal, as there are tons of talented folks sharing their own delicious slices of knowledge & perspective.


The Inward Journey

The inward journey can happen at anytime we choose. Many, including myself sometimes reference this traveling as a journey, and perhaps in a way it is, or at least it feels like it. But the word journey implies there is a destination, or arrival. This “journey” is more like a remembering, because now is all around us, always. The physical world we see, the words you are reading at this moment is now. It is our minds that distract us from this. This journey is not something we need roads or maps for. The inward journey arises when we follow our breath into the infinite pattern of now. 


Critical Thinking Tips

For Everyone Who Thinks

For Everyone Who Thinks

The thoughts in this new article on Medium have been in a long gestation period. A brief excerpt is below, but I encourage all those who hopes to live a higher consciousness and mindful lives to read the whole thing,

“Thanks to an onslaught of complicated laws and loopholes in addition to the ever growing wedge of political division, room for nuanced thought, let alone critical thinking seems to be at an all time low.”



The Mercurial Nature of Thoughts, Feelings, Ideas, etc

Thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions all have a weight that we can either don for our benefit or detriment. But we need to be mindful of how we go about this in a way of not being too attached to any idea, thought, emotion or even fact, as all of these things are mercurial; evolving and in some cases morphing entirely over time. 


Thoughts on Why Most Should Not Meditate Every Day

Article on Elephant Journal written by meThis might be a bit of a surprise coming from this blog. But yes, these are my thoughts as published by the awesome people over at Elephant Journal. 

Please read the whole article and show the people some love.


More Published Thoughts

The awesome, inspiring folks over at Enlightenment is Sexy have published some more thoughts of mine about the not so subtle differences between frustration and negativity.

Show these lovely souls the same love shown to me.

Published words on Enlightenment is Sexy

Published words on Enlightenment is Sexy


Hard to Tell

Sometimes it is hard to tell when we are getting into past thought patterns/negative thought patterns.

However, it is easy to tell once we engage such thoughts by simply asking why.

Hell, a good practice to get into is asking “why” with most of yourthoughts and just keep asking “why” for five minutes or so. This gives your mind a chance to run around like a dog that’s excited to be outside after having been cooped up most of the day. Also this should tire the mind a little, which in turn makes it easier to sit with oneself in silence…


Road Key of Breath

Breath is the key. Each breath contains millions upon millions of data. Within each breath is the key that allows us not only to dive into ourselves, but also transcend ourselves. Each breath holds emotions, memories, thoughts, light. The rhythm of our breath is the road, guiding where we travel.


Mellow the Mind

Our minds swim in a massive sea of data. Part of our mind’s function is to amass and collect data, but because human mind’s are slightly more developed than most animal brains, our minds also create new data, the what-if’s and if only’s. Thus, our minds can sustain itself and it’s so called mission/purpose by generating tons and tons of alternate scenarios that ultimately take us out of the present. And here’s where it gets kinda crazy. Our minds often do this because the present can be more overwhelming, especially if you look at it from the mind’s perspective of taking in taking in taking in new information after new information after new information. In the time I’ve typed that up, my mind has taken in approximately 100 million bits of data on average just through the optic nerves (that is if the average retina takes in 10 million bits per second).

So the mind, in order to feel a little bit more in control, creates these alternate scenarios which in turn either distract or overwhelm us from feeling overwhelmed by the present. Meditation is just sitting in the present, and training your mind to do so so it can see the present isn’t all that bad most of the time. Sometimes, for some people, the present moment is shit. That cannot be argued. Sometimes the present is terrifying because some come face to face with their own mortality. Others might go deeper and wander around the existential desert for a bit. But if they have the training of meditation behind them, even those things don’t seem so scary. Meditation isn’t about being oblivious or ignoring the scary, it allows us to accept that it exists and it allows us to be in it. And after time, maybe it doesn’t seem so scary any more because we’ve been in it enough times, and then… MAYBE, maybe… our minds realize that we don’t have to be constantly taking in information, or at least not to the same extreme levels. 


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