Free with Yourself

Simple moments of silence can drown out everything if we allow ourselves to sink into ourselves.

To be free in yourself, for only a moment is a nirvana orgasm of eons if you allow it to be.


Chaotic Silence

We have the ability to perceive and amplify either/or both peace and unrest within ourselves.

On the surface, moments of now are paradoxes of chaotic silence. 

Our mental flow bombastically bombarding us with thoughts, information, emotions and other stimuli can seem quite anxiously overbearing at first.

Yet, after spending time within ourselves and said moments, allowing all of it to wash over as we surrender to the flow; a sweet, vast serenity emerges within all of us, warmly comforting as we simultaneously dive in and out of ourselves, allowing for perspective from our thoughts and mind.


Sitting in Your Flow

Sitting with yourself, silently allows you to sometimes enjoy, sometimes confront the paradoxes of yourself and the world around you.

Sitting with yourself, in your own flow allows you to feel the importance of yourself through breath, heartbeat and your vibrating atoms.

Sitting with yourself allows you practice just being in hilarious chaos.


Healthy Peace Meal

The peace you consume in silence is the healthiest meal you will ever eat.


Everyone Needs a Gentle Reminder to Breathe


Followers & dear friends,

Everyone needs a gentle reminder every now and then. Maybe you know someone who does need to be reminded to breathe. Especially during these holiday times that can be kinda stressful.

Now, normally I’m not one to mix my practice of meditation with product placement. If there was a choice, you wouldn’t even see the occasional ads at the bottom of some of my posts.

Maybe some have read about my insights on the flow behind money, or my shared thoughts about the new currency, you can get a sense of my thoughts on the whole monetary situation.

Having said that, I’m a little excited and proud to share something that might be of inspiration to others. If you feel like clicking the link below, you can purchase a whole variety of relaxing, super calming art stuffs from me, as seen in some of the images above.

No stress.
No obligations.
No worries.


I hope this should be one of the only times I do something like this. But I’m proud to share these things.

Now is Simple

Now is a sacred, silent and effortless space. In now, there is you, your breath & heartbeat. That’s it. It’s that simple. Now is THE destination and the conduit. It’s the ultimate vacay spot, the paradise of nirvana, a blessed sanctuary of solace.

It’s strange to think that sometimes we can forget we are in the now, but this shows the power of the mind, especially if we allow ourselves to follow the paths of past depressions or future anxieties. But it’s totally cool if we forget sometimes. I think that’s in our nature, part of the human experience. Luckily, our breath and heartbeat serve as constant reminders of this copacetic space within all of us.

But deep down, we know that now is always.
It is.
We are.


Ellusive Nowness

Some days, being present in now is a little more elusive.

While the delicious serenity of the silent now is always here, always around us, waiting for us to submerge ourselves in its lushness, some days it feels much more difficult to remember how to get there! But that’s very much ok. Even if we only catch a brief glimpse/feeling of it, if we allow it to, that can nourish us for days.


Being with Yourself

The power of sitting with yourself; just being, just existing with yourself can feel immense. If more people just sat with themselves and only themselves in silence, perhaps there wouldn’t be such a self-confidence epidemic within many cultures and communities. The fierce grace power love we can show ourselves is immense! 


Meditate with Your Morning Person

An old Zen saying (perhaps) about meditation.

Upon waking most mornings, I find my mind is especially restless. Between the time when opening my eyes, many thoughts are racing through my mind like an excited doggy licking my face.

“Hey c’mon let’s do some exercising and then we’re going to do some writing but at some point we need to eat breakfast and don’t forget you haven’t spoken to such and such in a while so you gotta email them oh then there’s that thing with the garden you have to do today so we need to do that at some point too but fuck what about exercise because you gotta do exercise today maybe we should do it twice today and we need to shower at some point today too…” etc etc and so forth.

As much as I attempt to avoid various labels of myself, one that has been fairly consistent throughout my life is the fact that I am a morning person, and as such my mind is most active (and restless) in the morning. According to my mind, there’s always lots to do upon waking up, and this isn’t even five minutes to being fully conscious!

On one hand, it’s an exciting thing to feel, and gets me pumped up in my daily attempts to carpe diem. But on the other hand, it can be quite overwhelming!

It is in this time that one should decide to do some meditation. Admittedly, I do not always meditate in the morning. However after these last two weeks of requiring myself to get up early to meditate (as part of my ongoing study and series Sharing Meds), I’ve found myself understanding the depths of why it is quite important for most of us to practice some form of morning meditation/prayer/yoga/chanting.

For most of us, morning is that time before work and/or other chores. We often don’t give ourselves much time, if any to acclimate to waking from the depths of our subconscious (and in some cases astral travels). To make matters more stressful, many of us (myself included) will sometimes jump right on to different forms of technology first thing to maybe check email, messages, and other such things. I’ve found that exposing oneself to such devices first thing in the morning throws the body and mind off even more, and in fact seems to greatly increase the amount of early morning mind chatter. If we were to pay close attention, we would notice how different our breathing becomes when we first awaken to the time we’ve exposed ourselves to such technological devices. Perhaps not everyone can tell such things, but it is something I’ve noted within myself. Have you taken time to see if this is the case?

This whole scene makes me think of someone who powers on their computer in the morning attempts to download ten different files while listening music and watching a few videos as the computer loads the daily schedule. If they are able to do this immediately, suddenly the computer is slow and overwhelmed, but in most cases, even a computer needs a certain amount of time to prepare itself before it can begin to follow commands. 

The point being, meditation should become a habit for most people in general, but especially the mornings. If you meditate regularly, but not often in the morning, I encourage everyone to make an effort to do so, even if it’s just once or twice a week.

Undoubtedly, some minds that might be reading this will start to chatter with various aplomb about being busy, to which I would respond with the meme at the top.

Not only does morning meditation calm the restless and ready to go mind, it allows one a certain amount of mental and physical silence as one transitions from the sleep to awake state in a much more copacetic manner. It also allows a certain amount of focus and clarity, without the rushing around and falling into various mental traps of “I need to do this and that.”

Try. See what happens.


Mind vs. Blanks

For most of us, our mind isn’t accustomed to blanks/unknown/a void.

In fact, for most of us, if at any point we come in contact with a blank/unknown/a void our mind will do its best to fill it in with something, even if it isn’t true! You could be walking along on a street somewhere and pass someone who gives you a look that is displeasing to your being, and then your mind will more than likely begin to fill in the blanks of why someone might give you said look,

“They think you’re ugly,” your mind might say.
“They’re offended by the way you looked at them,” your mind might say.
“They don’t like your race/gender, etc,” your mind might say.
“They’re having a bad day,” your mind might say.

These are also known as assumptions.

But in reality, you have no idea why said person gave you this look that rattled you/brought a gray cloud into your sunny day! Maybe that’s their normal expression when walking. Unless you ask the person, there is no way to know, and our mind’s don’t like having these blanks. Granted, in this instance, certain faces for people are hardwired into their brain to give off warning signs, be it through evolution or past experiences. But even then, this is no excuse.

I think part of why many have trouble meditating at first is because their mind isn’t used to being a space of blankness/silence (should one be participating in a meditation that promotes this sort of thing), but this is something we as people need to practice being with, so our minds can settle into these voids of blank silence.


Thoughts Shatter

the silence of the mind.


Everything Must Go

Whenever we seek to let go (surrender), we must also let go of letting go.

Let go of self, both physical and spiritual.
Let go of place, space and time.
Let go of all thoughts/expectations
Let go of all emotion and attachments.
Let go of breath.



Living is honoring

Sometimes other people talk about not being “spiritual” enough or honoring Great Spirit in a multitude of ways.

I find these folks need a gentle reminder that living is honoring Great Spirit. But sometimes this isn’t enough for some people, they feel like they should be doing more. When speaking with some of these folks, I ask them what they feel like they should be doing, and some might reply with a few ideas. But then when I ask them why they aren’t taking steps to these ideas, they are often tripped up, or they don’t feel it is enough.

But being and living is enough, and sometimes being with ourselves is what is needed, especially in times of anxiousness and/or doubt. This can be the most healing thing.


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