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Some days I put together brief videos of some thoughts, which can be found on my Instagram page, located either below or toward the right hand side depending if you’re using a phone or computer of some sorts.

You’re welcome to follow me on Instagram @thebrycical, but I’m going to start posting some of these videos on here now too.

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Light Spits

Light spits out darkness spits out light a revolution igniting friction burning rainbow hues sparking sight.


Traveler’s Dreams

The road is a lullaby.


Obstacles of the Artist

Creativity is unlike anything else on the planet. It is akin to madness, with a touch of release and a drop of hope. I recognize that creativity is a big part of my life and personality. However, I think sometimes I’m afraid to let go of the world around me, even if it’s something simple like a beautiful leaf.

As an artist it’s sometimes a volatile process to be in the now. In general, for everyone it can be, but I think for artists it can be even more difficult. Artists spend much time in the moment already, yet also and sometimes simultaneously the art comes from not being in the now at all by essentially freezing a moment in time, or a thought and emotion. Even those artists flowing in a stream of consciousness are, in a way at the very least holding on to a moment for a little longer as is translates through their song, brush, pen or whatever. 

I think this process has the potential to pose a challenge in regards to letting go of thoughts sometimes, especially for creative types. I don’t think creative types obsess over certain thoughts, but at the same time, they do. This isn’t to say by any means an artist cannot or shouldn’t meditate, but rather an acknowledgement, as an artist myself, he creative process can sometimes make it harder to let go, despite the fact that art itself is a method of release. 


Mad with Understanding

If we were to fully see and understand every and all aspects of life in addition to whatever spiritual modality wholly encompasses all of us, we’d go mad; laughing and crying simultaneously until our minds would melt away. 


Critical Thinking Tips

For Everyone Who Thinks

For Everyone Who Thinks

The thoughts in this new article on Medium have been in a long gestation period. A brief excerpt is below, but I encourage all those who hopes to live a higher consciousness and mindful lives to read the whole thing,

“Thanks to an onslaught of complicated laws and loopholes in addition to the ever growing wedge of political division, room for nuanced thought, let alone critical thinking seems to be at an all time low.”



Weight of Focus

Shifting your focus &/or attention to any noun (person, place, thing, idea) gives said noun more weight.

What we focus on we give power through our breath, as our bodies and minds are highly susceptible to synchronizing with different rhythms and energies.


Disappointing Attachment

Attachment to any thought, positive or negative, no matter how uplifting it may be is also setting oneself up for disappointment.


Serious Life

The serious life is bittersweet. Some people seem to think that those who joke all the time don’t take life seriously, as if jokes are something frivolous or an amusing party trick. Perhaps to some people they are, but the power of laughter is prevalent throughout the world. Not only is the physical act of laughing something that is healthy for mind and body, but some jokes are able to cut to the core of certain things perhaps others hold sacred, or maybe some jokes reveal more about the people laughing. Jokes are a powerful tool.

Just ask John Lennon.

Laughing is a powerful tool.

John Lennon on violence and humor.


Published Thoughts on Fear

published insights thoughts on fear

Elephant Journal has published some of my words about fear.

Extremely humbled to announce that some of my thoughts on fear have been picked up and published by the wonderful people over at Elephant Journal.

Don’t be afraid to show them some love!


Everyone Needs a Gentle Reminder to Breathe


Followers & dear friends,

Everyone needs a gentle reminder every now and then. Maybe you know someone who does need to be reminded to breathe. Especially during these holiday times that can be kinda stressful.

Now, normally I’m not one to mix my practice of meditation with product placement. If there was a choice, you wouldn’t even see the occasional ads at the bottom of some of my posts.

Maybe some have read about my insights on the flow behind money, or my shared thoughts about the new currency, you can get a sense of my thoughts on the whole monetary situation.

Having said that, I’m a little excited and proud to share something that might be of inspiration to others. If you feel like clicking the link below, you can purchase a whole variety of relaxing, super calming art stuffs from me, as seen in some of the images above.

No stress.
No obligations.
No worries.


I hope this should be one of the only times I do something like this. But I’m proud to share these things.

Being with Yourself

The power of sitting with yourself; just being, just existing with yourself can feel immense. If more people just sat with themselves and only themselves in silence, perhaps there wouldn’t be such a self-confidence epidemic within many cultures and communities. The fierce grace power love we can show ourselves is immense! 


Each breath

carries a vibration that is a culmination of your heartbeat, thoughts and surrounding energies both around and within. Every one has the ability to channel said vibrations through their body to heal any part of yourself (both physical and mental). Everyone has the ability to channel said vibrations to disperse pain (both physical and mental). Everyone has the ability to dive deep into themselves for answers to complex problems, all because of the healing power of breath.


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