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This is a section dedicated to some who serve up food for thought and creative delicacies. Also gives me a chance to sling around a few food metaphors. These are some of the Chef’s and their best recipes, in no particular order. I am updating this page sporadically. 

George Carlin
The man knew his words, from the dirty ones to airplane jargon to advertising lingo. He spared no expense servin’ them up to anybody who was curious to hear. His sharp tongue had taste for the absurd and the poignant.

Best Recipes: You Have No Rights, Time.


Bob Kaufman
If you want to talk about the 60’s, the beatniks or even just jazz man, you should taste some words of a man who was on the precipice of that whole scene. This dude was a new-age-old-school jazz bard, with some of the sweetest mead around.

Best Recipes: Abomunist Manifesto, To My Son Parker, Asleep in the Next Room


Jim Pepper
One of the only chefs I know who could rustle up a fusion between jazz and Native American chants. His utensil of choice was the saxophone, but that didn’t stop him from bringing an earthy beat and fiery lullabies together as he honored the jazz greats and his Native ancestors.

Best Recipes: Yon a Ho, Goin Down to Muskogee.


If you want to talk about patience and humility, there’s no way you can’t mention a guy who many thought was dead. Though sorta compared to Dylan, Rodriguez’s lyrics and sound are something all their own with ingredients you can never quite figure out. But you’ll be damned if you don’t find yourself wanting more.

Best Recipes: Searching for Sugar Man, Cold Fact.


The sweet, sensuous and honey-nectar words of this Chef will leave you on the floor, drunk. Her words are rich, mixed with the ever warm and gooey universe despite her upbringing. Though both are tapping into a similar place, Rabia’s ingredients rival that of Hafiz. Imbibe her words and you will never be the same.

Best Recipes: In My Soul


Bill Hicks
Compared to Rodriguez, this chef is almost the exact opposite in terms of style and attitude, but both share a distinction of not really “hitting it big” in the states. If you’re into something a little spicy, in your face yet still poetic, then Bill Hicks will take your senses on a very tasty ride.

Best Recipes: A Positive Drug Story, Religion.


Ram Dass
This chef used to go by Robert Altman until a trip to India and inside his consciousness which caused him to rebirth. This peaceful activist and purveyor of other ways to live serves an organic life that is rich and simple to comprehend. He was also an on-again off-again collaborator with Dr. Timothy Leary, one of the chef’s who played with the Kool-Aide.

Best Recipes: Be Here Now, Fierce Grace .


Nick Drake
Quiet recipes and an almost melancholic sound probably best describe Nick Drake. This chef is almost the embodiment of the Rodriguez mythology, yet his style and ingredients are much more subtle, yet hold a panache that could rival that of Dylan, Cobain and many others.

Best Recipes: Three Hours, Fruit Tree, Which Will.


Dax Riggs
Like Bill Hicks, this guy will leave you without much of a face. He serve a bold flavor and style but his words are still poetic and hearty. Chances are you haven’t tasted anything quite like Dax, but luckily there are many more years and lots of recipes ahead.

Best Recipes: Phantom Green, Ghost Movement,Waking Up Insane.


Lily Tomlin
This dynamo of a chef knows how to engross, engage and take you on a journey. She’s one of these folks you’ve got to see live to get the full experience of her presence. But her depth, empathy  and versatility make Lily someone you cannot ignore. She blends all of her ingredients so well after one recipe you are full, yet still wanting more, and she has plenty of experience wanting to be a waitress.

Best Recipes: Ms. Sweeny


Marx. Brothers
These guys may have been some of the first mainstream anarchists of the kitchen. Whenever they showed up in a movie or TV show, chaos soon followed in the most hilarious ways possible. These brothers each took a persona that fused acting, music and shenanigans to another level.

Best Recipes: Animal Crackers, A Day at the Races, A Night at the Opera.


Brother Ali
Not only can this chef serve up something with a big ‘ol bite to it, but he can also give you something a little smoother too if that’s your mood. Brother Ali is on the level of others when it comes to being more than hip-hop, but poetry. And he’s not one to shy away from doing a little activism where it’s needed either.

Best Recipes: The Puzzle, Daylight, US.


Alison Mosshart
Instead of including either of the two bands she’s currently part of, I chose to include this beatess rock siren herself. Her skills in the kitchen are probably more apt for the bar, as her sound feels like a few shots you’ve just pounded down either before or after the meal. Either way, you will be dancing with some Pots and Pans.

Best Recipes: DNA, I Can’t Hear You, Forever My Queen


Bassem Youssef
Whoever said comedy wasn’t dangerous hasn’t met the whimsical Dr. Bassem Youssef. While many in the West consider his recipes  “A La Jon Stewart,” except in Egypt, he is perhaps one of the most beloved and controversial chefs in the kitchen because certain folks don’t like his cooking.

Best Recipes: 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum, Albernameg

Marc Maron
Admittedly, you should see this guy live, if possible. His records and his books are ok, but there’s a certain energy to seeing this chef live that will blow you away and yet still leave you feeling like you’ve known him for ages. Hands down, Marc is one of the best interviewers out there.

Best Recipes: WTF Podcast, Little League Psychodrama .


Digital Underground
These dudes were more than just a group of guys having fun together, although that definitely translates when you’re listening. They aren’t even here because they discovered Tupac, these chefs are activist on multiple levels. They cook up a little something for everyone, and they most certainly got the gravy.

Best Recipes: The Body Hat Syndrome, Heartbeat Props.

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