Being with Yourself

The power of sitting with yourself; just being, just existing with yourself can feel immense. If more people just sat with themselves and only themselves in silence, perhaps there wouldn’t be such a self-confidence epidemic within many cultures and communities. The fierce grace power love we can show ourselves is immense! 


Mind vs. Blanks

For most of us, our mind isn’t accustomed to blanks/unknown/a void.

In fact, for most of us, if at any point we come in contact with a blank/unknown/a void our mind will do its best to fill it in with something, even if it isn’t true! You could be walking along on a street somewhere and pass someone who gives you a look that is displeasing to your being, and then your mind will more than likely begin to fill in the blanks of why someone might give you said look,

“They think you’re ugly,” your mind might say.
“They’re offended by the way you looked at them,” your mind might say.
“They don’t like your race/gender, etc,” your mind might say.
“They’re having a bad day,” your mind might say.

These are also known as assumptions.

But in reality, you have no idea why said person gave you this look that rattled you/brought a gray cloud into your sunny day! Maybe that’s their normal expression when walking. Unless you ask the person, there is no way to know, and our mind’s don’t like having these blanks. Granted, in this instance, certain faces for people are hardwired into their brain to give off warning signs, be it through evolution or past experiences. But even then, this is no excuse.

I think part of why many have trouble meditating at first is because their mind isn’t used to being a space of blankness/silence (should one be participating in a meditation that promotes this sort of thing), but this is something we as people need to practice being with, so our minds can settle into these voids of blank silence.


Allow Yourself to be in Light

Focus on the light surrounding you, inhale it inside your body. Feel the light move and vibrate, illuminating the dark crevices inside as it congeals with the light inside you already, the light that burns forth, stoking passion and play and expression in various forms. Feel both of those sources merging, congealing; the light inside you now expanding, caressing your liver, lungs, heart and all other organs inside your body. Feel the light enveloping you from the inside, expanding outwards as you exhale. Feel yourself surrounded by such luminous, shimmering warmth. 

This is you if you allow yourself to be. This is you. 
This is us. 
It is. 
We are. 


Fear Decisions

In our lives, it is a given that we will make some choices out of fear, and that is ok. It’s going to happen, but we cannot dwell on these things, just as we cannot dwell or be upset with others who do also make choices out of fear.

In some moments, we only have choices between two evils, poisons or however one wishes to describe making a less than desirable choice in a less than desirable situation. Granted, in this example, one could always choose not to choose if those are the only two options, but sometimes we can become so consumed and swept up in thinking that we have to make a choice, and so we do. And that’s ok. Forgive yourself and remember that you are already forgiven in the moment you have made that choice.

We are all human, and we are all learning this thing called life as it happens.


Looking at Now

My mind has and continues enjoying attempts at looking forward in time.

But more and more, I am reclaiming my own time, because I see there is nothing to look forward to, but rather accept (surrender) to looking at now. That is where being happens.


Thoughts Shatter

the silence of the mind.


Sacred Listening

Many people, including myself sometimes, might feel that merging or some other forms of action with another are most sacred.

While I agree they are up there on the list of sacred actions, they are not the top. What is at the top is listening to the heartbeat of yourself or someone else.

Not only is one listening to the life that organ generates, but one is also listening to the rhythm of that life. And not just listening to the life or the rhythm, but connecting to that energy as well. It is a most divine alignment.

Infinite Eternal Now-ness

Now is eternal.

If one is truly operating on a level of being fully present, having completely surrendered in the now-ness, one sees there is even no now, as “now” is infinite, a neverending ocean of all things. There is no destination.

It is.

This doesn’t mean one is immobile, since it is infinite and eternal. One can swim in any direction but must also remember there is no destination.


All Beings

I am grateful to all beings; tribe, friends, family, plant spirits, animal spirits, elemental spirits, myself, ancestors of both past and future and any and all beings who have had any part in helping or hindering me on my walking path in this lifetime so far.

For we are all connected to each other by Great Spirit, the Source of all, yet we are separate in order to experience each other’s existence through a vast array of senses, dimensions and vibrations.

May all of us continue to be.



Our Deep Selves.

It is important to remember the vastness of ourselves.

Sometimes we can become entangled in the depth of the surrounding world, and also the depth of others around us. But if we don’t remind ourselves of our own profound awareness and intuition, we are ignoring some of the most exciting and learned parts of the world.



I don’t speak as much as I used to.

When I was a boy and teenager I could be quite the motormouth. I was also impatient.

In the last several years, I think my body and spirit are understand the power and magic behind sounds, and even simply listening. Just listening allows me to stay closer to the moment.

I don’t remember who said it, but several actors over the years have spoken about the philosophy behind “acting is reacting.” While this statement could be understood in several different ways, what I hear is that the power to listen and react, without projecting or thinking of what you’re going to say next is much more powerful, because sometimes, it is the reaction that can leave a much larger impact than the initial action.


Swimming in Each Other

We are all celestial pools of melodically mercurial emotion, thoughts and understanding.

Every day, various people dive into us as we into them, except all of us are in control of the depths one can swim within. Each person’s flow is unique, their iridescent pools vary in hue, temperature and brightness depending on a multitude of stimuli, experiences and perception. Because of this, we need to be aware of certain hazards as we can be burned, numbed or even drown in one’s occasional whirlpools of foamy, cutting waters.  We must also remember we are always in control of our own flow and only our own flow. Sometimes we may have limited influence over someone else’s waters, just as the sun has limited influence of the temperature.  At any given time and any moment, one’s own waters can be placid or turbulent. 

Some days, some of us feel the need to put up “NO DIVING” signs, and it’s up to all of us to honor that request.

Should we so choose, we can even dive in to our selves! But we don’t have to dive, we can wade into the pools too, as sometimes that is preferred, as some insist on more gentle methods.


Walking Path

All of us cannot walk on the same rainbow road (bridge, path, incline, stairway, journey, etc) at the same time. Life would be boring and predictable. But more importantly, the road cannot hold all of us at the same time.


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