The Inward Journey

The inward journey can happen at anytime we choose. Many, including myself sometimes reference this traveling as a journey, and perhaps in a way it is, or at least it feels like it. But the word journey implies there is a destination, or arrival. This “journey” is more like a remembering, because now is all around us, always. The physical world we see, the words you are reading at this moment is now. It is our minds that distract us from this. This journey is not something we need roads or maps for. The inward journey arises when we follow our breath into the infinite pattern of now. 


Everyone Needs a Gentle Reminder to Breathe


Followers & dear friends,

Everyone needs a gentle reminder every now and then. Maybe you know someone who does need to be reminded to breathe. Especially during these holiday times that can be kinda stressful.

Now, normally I’m not one to mix my practice of meditation with product placement. If there was a choice, you wouldn’t even see the occasional ads at the bottom of some of my posts.

Maybe some have read about my insights on the flow behind money, or my shared thoughts about the new currency, you can get a sense of my thoughts on the whole monetary situation.

Having said that, I’m a little excited and proud to share something that might be of inspiration to others. If you feel like clicking the link below, you can purchase a whole variety of relaxing, super calming art stuffs from me, as seen in some of the images above.

No stress.
No obligations.
No worries.


I hope this should be one of the only times I do something like this. But I’m proud to share these things.

Road Key of Breath

Breath is the key. Each breath contains millions upon millions of data. Within each breath is the key that allows us not only to dive into ourselves, but also transcend ourselves. Each breath holds emotions, memories, thoughts, light. The rhythm of our breath is the road, guiding where we travel.


Remember to Breathe

A few moments of breath can shift perspectives & stave off conflict. Remember to breathe.



Allow Yourself to be in Light

Focus on the light surrounding you, inhale it inside your body. Feel the light move and vibrate, illuminating the dark crevices inside as it congeals with the light inside you already, the light that burns forth, stoking passion and play and expression in various forms. Feel both of those sources merging, congealing; the light inside you now expanding, caressing your liver, lungs, heart and all other organs inside your body. Feel the light enveloping you from the inside, expanding outwards as you exhale. Feel yourself surrounded by such luminous, shimmering warmth. 

This is you if you allow yourself to be. This is you. 
This is us. 
It is. 
We are. 


Everything Must Go

Whenever we seek to let go (surrender), we must also let go of letting go.

Let go of self, both physical and spiritual.
Let go of place, space and time.
Let go of all thoughts/expectations
Let go of all emotion and attachments.
Let go of breath.




Nature allows pieces (and peace-s) to fall into place. Time away from the hustle & bustle energies often associated, but not limited to city life.

There is a fierce slowness nature plays with. It may spurt growth &/or flush out stagnation but it does so with a gentle, slow push.


Hard to Say

Many think that communication is easy,

simply open our mouths while sound emits. But in reality, speaking is an art form.

Our thoughts often impede with what we’re communicating, usually through some form of fear. Usually this fear takes the guise of embarrassment, which can lead to all sorts of feelings such as shame and regret. These thoughts tell us things like what we have to say is dumb, causing conflict, not important, just causing drama, &/or not pleasing for others to hear.

Between All of that and the standard societal designations of what is and isn’t ‘polite’ to say/discuss at the dinner table… Whew….that’s a lot of gunk to sort through before we even say anything!

Speaking not only requires us to be a speech artist but a thought artist too.

Then even more conflict can arise when these fears clash with what our heart-mind tells us to speak freely.

A sufi saying : Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself ‘Is is true.’ At the second gate ask, ‘Is it necessary.’ At the third gate ask, ‘Is it kind.’

However, should one check and find that these thoughts are in fact based on fear, another question must be brought to the mind’s attention…. “what is there to lose/gain by saying this?”

Is it worth it to hold one’s tongue and feel these unpleasant thoughts at the expense of one’s self integrity?

Why hold on to these fears instead of just let go?

Does letting go mean saying things out loud or does it mean realizing that it is anger not heart that is fueling our words?

It’s like inhaling and not exhaling.

We must allow our selves to breathe. In either circumstance.

~written with some help from the lovely Saeng-Fah

The Impatience Syndrome

Today’s society tries patience. And we must remember to breathe when our own patience is being tried.

In an instant we can find “answers” on search engines, microwave meals that are already prepared for us, use an app on our phones to discover what song is playing, use another app to figure out what wines pair with what food, chat with someone on the other side of the world (maybe even talk to them through your computer’s camera), among other things.

But all of these grand advancements have thusly affected our expectations, making us expect all amounts of unreasonable things. In turn, we beat ourselves up when we aren’t “getting over” some deep emotional wound fast enough, we become irritable when our food isn’t cooking fast enough, we become upset when the traffic isn’t moving quick enough (if it’s moving at all).

Then, when one or more of these things occur, suddenly we find ourselves in a veritable storm of short-tempered huffs that often make one unpleasant to be around. While it is healthy to express these frustrations verbally, perhaps one can avoid these unpleasantries all together by looking inward and/or taking a few deep breaths.

Here’s the problem with impatience. Impatience blinds and distracts us. Should one be cooking and feeling impatient for example, the increased chances there is to inadvertently cut, burn or bring harm to oneself, or even messing up the recipe. When driving and feeling impatient, there is an increased risk for us to ignore the traffic laws which is in and of itself potentially bringing harm to others.  This is why breathing &/or reflection in these times is important… it centers us.

As you’re breathing, ask yourself why you are frustrated. After the answer comes to you, ask yourself if these is anything you can do to improve your current situation. If so, why aren’t you doing it? If not, then there’s nothing to be done. Quite simple.

Next time, remember to breathe and remember that everything is amazing and there’s really no reason to be unhappy or impatient, as Louis CK once eloquently explained in the link.


Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget to breathe.

Remember you have wings.

All is love.


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