Let’s Connect

Take a moment for a few deep breaths. Allow your mind to settle, be it through clearing your thoughts, focusing on breathing or however you prefer to ease your mind.

Now take some time and feel, really feel your connection to the earth. Feel what part of you body is connecting with the earth right now. Observe how that connection impacts and influences the rest of your body. How does this make you feel in general? Take a few moments to feel this connection with the earth.

As you continue to connect with the earth, take a moment to connect with the sky at the same time. Feel the differences, if any, as to how parts of your body are connecting to the sky. Observe how that connection impacts and influences the rest of your body. How does this feel as you continue to connect with the earth simultaneously?

Feel both impacts, if any, the earth and sky are having on your mind, body and spirit as you connect to both simultaneously. What does this feel like as you cultivate your focus towards only how your body is feeling as it interacts with the earth and the sky at the same time?

Take some time to be in this space, focusing on how the earth and sky are interacting with your mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself some time to simply listen and feel whatever information, if any, comes to you as you focus.


Living Conduits of Information

Everything in and on this Earth is a conduit for everything else. All one needs to do is look at the four elements to understand this concept of give/receive/give (ad. infinitum) cycles of interconnectivity.

As we continue to evolve, our minds and bodies are learning new ways to transmit all kinds of information to each other, to the rest of the world. This is both exciting and terrifying, however the crux of this idea and information  centers on our consciousness (or perhaps for some of us the lack thereof). As we, the human beings continue to evolve on all levels of mind, body and spirit, we need to be aware of not only what we are transmitting, but how.


Allow Yourself to be in Light

Focus on the light surrounding you, inhale it inside your body. Feel the light move and vibrate, illuminating the dark crevices inside as it congeals with the light inside you already, the light that burns forth, stoking passion and play and expression in various forms. Feel both of those sources merging, congealing; the light inside you now expanding, caressing your liver, lungs, heart and all other organs inside your body. Feel the light enveloping you from the inside, expanding outwards as you exhale. Feel yourself surrounded by such luminous, shimmering warmth. 

This is you if you allow yourself to be. This is you. 
This is us. 
It is. 
We are. 


The second part of the first part of my video about meditating using different crystals and stones. If you’re looking to learn more about the individual stones or others not in these videos, do your own research and learn more.


Connecting Love

There is a love that connects all of us together.

The problem/obstacle is, some of us have forgotten. And while there is a certain amount of separation that exists between us, as we are all slightly different beings perceiving and understanding differently from each other, there is an energy of love that connects all of us.


Listening to the Heart Rhythm

A New episode of Sharing Meds is available for your viewing pleasure. After a tumultuous week, finally got this video together about connecting with my heart while practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation.

This technique was much more challenging than anticipated. So I encourage everyone reading and watching to please peruse some of the other videos and material about heart rhythm meditation in order to get a better understanding of the various breathing methods.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for being.


Sacred Listening

Many people, including myself sometimes, might feel that merging or some other forms of action with another are most sacred.

While I agree they are up there on the list of sacred actions, they are not the top. What is at the top is listening to the heartbeat of yourself or someone else.

Not only is one listening to the life that organ generates, but one is also listening to the rhythm of that life. And not just listening to the life or the rhythm, but connecting to that energy as well. It is a most divine alignment.

Everything Must Go

Whenever we seek to let go (surrender), we must also let go of letting go.

Let go of self, both physical and spiritual.
Let go of place, space and time.
Let go of all thoughts/expectations
Let go of all emotion and attachments.
Let go of breath.



Rhythms of Love

Love changes every day.

A moment yesterday that might be considered a loving gesture could transform into something malicious today. Love is always changing and evolving.

It isn’t always what you want. It isn’t always what you need. It isn’t always cuddling and pancakes in the morning. This scares some people because they want it to be cuddling and pancakes in the morning all the time. And those who attempt to corner or stagnate the flowing nature of love into only certain parts are going to hurt the most.

It’s up to us to listen and feel these rhythms of the ever changing love. When we accept the vastness of these rhythms, we allow for a more gentle flow by being open to more possibilities of what love is and evolving towards.


Everyday Death

Every day we die, multiple times.

Occasionally it’s much more spectacular, but on the whole these are subtle deaths that many of us probably don’t notice.

In addition to the usual cycles of growth and decomposition of our physical bodies galloping closer to a physical death with every ticking second, we die emotional, egotistical and spiritual deaths.

Part of us dies upon completion of some sort of project, be it successful or not. Part of us dies should a friend or loved one point out flaws or frustrations in our actions. Part of us dies when we merge with others. Part of us dies should we accidentally misplace/loose our favorite book that we’ve read ten times.

Women have a unique relationship with the cycles of death that are seemingly unfathomable to most men.

Every day, we die. It’s up to us to choose how to honor that within ourselves and others.


Dead-ish in Living Nature

I didn’t intend for this post to coincide with Earth Day, it just happened this way. 

Every day we are closer to death and one day we will actually die. I hope this doesn’t bum too many people out because it’s going to happen regardless if it is or isn’t scheduled it into your phones or on Facebook. It’s one of Nature’s (God’s, The Universe’s, Allah, Yahweh, The Divine, The Creator, The Almighty, etc) natural cycles that we all participate in but ignore at the same time.

Over the years, many have distanced themselves from death, for obvious reasons though, as it can be a scary thing and/or because unlike our ancestors, there’s a high percentage chance we’re going to live longer thanks to various miracle breakthroughs over the years. So naturally, we’ve become much more distant thanks to our western cultural heritage (for many of us) which has made our reverence of death dwindle.

Because of this continued loss of recognition of our natural cycle of mortality, we’ve also lost some respect for Nature (God, etc).

And yet, when someone dies, many of us still go through the ritual of scattering ashes, burying  or funeral pyre. That reverence hasn’t been completely lost, since it is one of the first modalities of spirituality recorded in human history. We, as humans, have been creating death rituals almost since we showed up, some more elaborate (the pyramids) than others. So there is still this respect of our fellow human after their walking life has expired. And yet, we’re still doing them a grave disservice.

You’d think we’d have more respect for our soon to be deceased considering we’re returning to Nature in some form, as some bodies are going into the ground, some ashes are being scattered in the air. You’d think we’d want to keep the air, water and earth clean for our dead that we seem to respect so much. 


Swimming in Each Other

We are all celestial pools of melodically mercurial emotion, thoughts and understanding.

Every day, various people dive into us as we into them, except all of us are in control of the depths one can swim within. Each person’s flow is unique, their iridescent pools vary in hue, temperature and brightness depending on a multitude of stimuli, experiences and perception. Because of this, we need to be aware of certain hazards as we can be burned, numbed or even drown in one’s occasional whirlpools of foamy, cutting waters.  We must also remember we are always in control of our own flow and only our own flow. Sometimes we may have limited influence over someone else’s waters, just as the sun has limited influence of the temperature.  At any given time and any moment, one’s own waters can be placid or turbulent. 

Some days, some of us feel the need to put up “NO DIVING” signs, and it’s up to all of us to honor that request.

Should we so choose, we can even dive in to our selves! But we don’t have to dive, we can wade into the pools too, as sometimes that is preferred, as some insist on more gentle methods.



Our hearts are much more delicate than perhaps we realize.

In an instant, the rhythm of our heartbeat can be affected by angry shouting several feet away (that might not even be directed toward us) or even someone smiling at us.

Notice the rhythm of your heartbeat once in a while. Who has affected it today?


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