Vulnerable Reconnection


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At every breath we are most vulnerable because every breath invites all things into you. While this may seem overwhelming or unpleasant to some, it is also important to note at every breath is when we are at our strongest, for in every breath we are processing and transmuting that information through our bodies and it is in every breath that we are reconnected to all things in this world.


Light Spits

Light spits out darkness spits out light a revolution igniting friction burning rainbow hues sparking sight.


Free with Yourself

Simple moments of silence can drown out everything if we allow ourselves to sink into ourselves.

To be free in yourself, for only a moment is a nirvana orgasm of eons if you allow it to be.


Always Now

Now is not a journey because we’re always in now even though our minds are often trying to take us out of the present, which is a place of non-judgement surrender/letting go within all of us. 

This is love.
It is, we are.


Release with Forgiveness

If we allow ourselves to forgive not only ourselves, but everyone else, we would release so much trauma within and around us.

For some, this takes time. Others can do this after a single dance. Regardless, when one surrenders to their own flow of the present moment, release cannot help but take place, which in urn creates healing.


Serious Life

The serious life is bittersweet. Some people seem to think that those who joke all the time don’t take life seriously, as if jokes are something frivolous or an amusing party trick. Perhaps to some people they are, but the power of laughter is prevalent throughout the world. Not only is the physical act of laughing something that is healthy for mind and body, but some jokes are able to cut to the core of certain things perhaps others hold sacred, or maybe some jokes reveal more about the people laughing. Jokes are a powerful tool.

Just ask John Lennon.

Laughing is a powerful tool.

John Lennon on violence and humor.


Published Thoughts on Fear

published insights thoughts on fear

Elephant Journal has published some of my words about fear.

Extremely humbled to announce that some of my thoughts on fear have been picked up and published by the wonderful people over at Elephant Journal.

Don’t be afraid to show them some love!


Ellusive Nowness

Some days, being present in now is a little more elusive.

While the delicious serenity of the silent now is always here, always around us, waiting for us to submerge ourselves in its lushness, some days it feels much more difficult to remember how to get there! But that’s very much ok. Even if we only catch a brief glimpse/feeling of it, if we allow it to, that can nourish us for days.


Journey with Yourself

It’s important to take yourself on a journey through your mind sometimes, be it a more serious spring cleaning of releasing thoughts & old patterns that no longer serve a purpose, or a phantasmagorical journey through your imagination.


Self-Love Yourself

Self love exists in many different forms, and also differentiates itself between each individual. But we know it when we feel it. What might be a self love for one person might not be for another.


Each breath

carries a vibration that is a culmination of your heartbeat, thoughts and surrounding energies both around and within. Every one has the ability to channel said vibrations through their body to heal any part of yourself (both physical and mental). Everyone has the ability to channel said vibrations to disperse pain (both physical and mental). Everyone has the ability to dive deep into themselves for answers to complex problems, all because of the healing power of breath.


Remember to Breathe

A few moments of breath can shift perspectives & stave off conflict. Remember to breathe.



Love and Honor

Love yourself in every breath, but remember to understand any mistakes or misfortune. Honor any mistakes and/or misfortunes, for they are signs of immense learning.

This isn’t to say mistakes and/or misfortunes are not frustrating, nor does it mean we should simply approach these things with apathy. However, if we are to evolve beyond thoughts that rip and tear oneself to pieces which in turn distresses the body both physically and mentally, we must accept that there is learning in everything, but especially in mistakes.


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