Listening to Your Heart

Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to it’s poetry.
Hear it’s humming vibrations
pumping blood just for you.
Feel the liquid life flowing–
nourishing each organ,
painting each vein.
Each thumping rhythm
is a blessing of epic proportions–
one more moment of experiencing
this thing called living.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to it’s poetry.
Hear the sacred music
just for you.
Feel it’s holy waters
& spirit
blossoming your gardens of time.


Listening to the Heart Rhythm

A New episode of Sharing Meds is available for your viewing pleasure. After a tumultuous week, finally got this video together about connecting with my heart while practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation.

This technique was much more challenging than anticipated. So I encourage everyone reading and watching to please peruse some of the other videos and material about heart rhythm meditation in order to get a better understanding of the various breathing methods.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for being.


Sacred Listening

Many people, including myself sometimes, might feel that merging or some other forms of action with another are most sacred.

While I agree they are up there on the list of sacred actions, they are not the top. What is at the top is listening to the heartbeat of yourself or someone else.

Not only is one listening to the life that organ generates, but one is also listening to the rhythm of that life. And not just listening to the life or the rhythm, but connecting to that energy as well. It is a most divine alignment.


Our hearts are much more delicate than perhaps we realize.

In an instant, the rhythm of our heartbeat can be affected by angry shouting several feet away (that might not even be directed toward us) or even someone smiling at us.

Notice the rhythm of your heartbeat once in a while. Who has affected it today?


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