Time-Traveling Meditation


In some ways, meditation is a lot like time traveling.


The Meaning of Life

New video on the blog. While I think the meaning of life is different for everyone, there are a few things I think we can all agree upon.


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It’s a Trap

Sometimes, people trap themselves into their own perpetual self-fulfilling prophecy prison traps. An example might be someone who often says things like “I feel like nobody wants to help me with anything,” yet also says “I just need to do things myself to keep myself distracted,” among other phrases that catch some in a near perfect trap of inability and apathy.

Granted, every situation is different and context is needed. This isn’t meant to be a blanket statement. These situations are complicated, especially when we can see people who put themselves into these perpetual self-fulfilling prophecy prison traps. In these instances, being around those who trap themselves, it is important to note that we can only do so much to help. This isn’t meant to say we should be apathetic toward people like this or love them less, but we should be aware of how much time and energy we spend with people like this, as after a while it can prove to be draining.


Traveler’s Dreams

The road is a lullaby.


Inhaling the Connection

Whenever you find yourself outside, take a few moments to inhale some of the sunlight. Feel it move through your body with each inhale and exhale.

Inhaling the rhythms of nature we can feel our connection to nature as we exhale and inhale each breath.

We are connected to everything through breath.

When we dive into ourselves we are diving into nature, reconnecting with our breath which we are exhaling outside, reconnecting to the light of the sun through melting into the warmth on our skin, reconnecting to the ground as we sit and allow ourselves to melt into that.


Mad with Understanding

If we were to fully see and understand every and all aspects of life in addition to whatever spiritual modality wholly encompasses all of us, we’d go mad; laughing and crying simultaneously until our minds would melt away. 


Disappointing Attachment

Attachment to any thought, positive or negative, no matter how uplifting it may be is also setting oneself up for disappointment.


Projecting Proportions of Expectations

Sometimes other people have different priorities than you. It is your decision to sometimes put their priorities ahead of yours, or not. But this can be a tricky thing.

For most of their life a friend of mine holds the priorities of others in higher esteem than their own. While again, this is each individual person’s choice, they’ve taken this thought process a step further and they have attached themselves to a projection of expecting others to do the same for them. Unfortunately for my friend, not everyone is inside their head to know this. But more importantly, this idea is not what is reality, which often creates suffering and tension. 


Serious Life

The serious life is bittersweet. Some people seem to think that those who joke all the time don’t take life seriously, as if jokes are something frivolous or an amusing party trick. Perhaps to some people they are, but the power of laughter is prevalent throughout the world. Not only is the physical act of laughing something that is healthy for mind and body, but some jokes are able to cut to the core of certain things perhaps others hold sacred, or maybe some jokes reveal more about the people laughing. Jokes are a powerful tool.

Just ask John Lennon.

Laughing is a powerful tool.

John Lennon on violence and humor.


Healthy Peace Meal

The peace you consume in silence is the healthiest meal you will ever eat.


The Enormous Entirety of Being

The power of sitting with yourself, just being immense. if more people just sat with themselves, perhaps there wouldn’t be such a self-confidence epidemic. The fierce grace power love we can show ourselves by just being with ourselves is immense!


On Being Alone

Everyone must remember that we need to be alone sometimes, in all forms.

We need to feel and be with ourselves and only ourselves sometimes. We need to feel ourselves being hurled closer to the inevitable rebirth so we can appreciate each day, each moment. We need to feel the weight of our actions through reflection and the release and surrender of all through breath. Being alone allows for uninterrupted and untangled thoughts.


Journey with Yourself

It’s important to take yourself on a journey through your mind sometimes, be it a more serious spring cleaning of releasing thoughts & old patterns that no longer serve a purpose, or a phantasmagorical journey through your imagination.


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