Loud Mind

Sometimes, the mind is much too loud to quiet on one’s own, and this is completely normal. Our minds have a lot to say sometimes, making it difficult to focus on breath or silence, especially for new meditators.

While it is ideal for one to simply acknowledge each thought & return focus and energy to breath, heartbeat, silence or whatever, a little help getting there doesn’t hurt from time to time.

When the mind is too loud to simply focus on one’s breath, this is where focusing on a mantra or words could be of great benefit, or even some peaceful music.


Obstacles of the Artist

Creativity is unlike anything else on the planet. It is akin to madness, with a touch of release and a drop of hope. I recognize that creativity is a big part of my life and personality. However, I think sometimes I’m afraid to let go of the world around me, even if it’s something simple like a beautiful leaf.

As an artist it’s sometimes a volatile process to be in the now. In general, for everyone it can be, but I think for artists it can be even more difficult. Artists spend much time in the moment already, yet also and sometimes simultaneously the art comes from not being in the now at all by essentially freezing a moment in time, or a thought and emotion. Even those artists flowing in a stream of consciousness are, in a way at the very least holding on to a moment for a little longer as is translates through their song, brush, pen or whatever. 

I think this process has the potential to pose a challenge in regards to letting go of thoughts sometimes, especially for creative types. I don’t think creative types obsess over certain thoughts, but at the same time, they do. This isn’t to say by any means an artist cannot or shouldn’t meditate, but rather an acknowledgement, as an artist myself, he creative process can sometimes make it harder to let go, despite the fact that art itself is a method of release. 


Mad with Understanding

If we were to fully see and understand every and all aspects of life in addition to whatever spiritual modality wholly encompasses all of us, we’d go mad; laughing and crying simultaneously until our minds would melt away. 


Free with Yourself

Simple moments of silence can drown out everything if we allow ourselves to sink into ourselves.

To be free in yourself, for only a moment is a nirvana orgasm of eons if you allow it to be.


Chaotic Silence

We have the ability to perceive and amplify either/or both peace and unrest within ourselves.

On the surface, moments of now are paradoxes of chaotic silence. 

Our mental flow bombastically bombarding us with thoughts, information, emotions and other stimuli can seem quite anxiously overbearing at first.

Yet, after spending time within ourselves and said moments, allowing all of it to wash over as we surrender to the flow; a sweet, vast serenity emerges within all of us, warmly comforting as we simultaneously dive in and out of ourselves, allowing for perspective from our thoughts and mind.


Weight of Focus

Shifting your focus &/or attention to any noun (person, place, thing, idea) gives said noun more weight.

What we focus on we give power through our breath, as our bodies and minds are highly susceptible to synchronizing with different rhythms and energies.


Always Now

Now is not a journey because we’re always in now even though our minds are often trying to take us out of the present, which is a place of non-judgement surrender/letting go within all of us. 

This is love.
It is, we are.


Disappointing Attachment

Attachment to any thought, positive or negative, no matter how uplifting it may be is also setting oneself up for disappointment.


Melting Time

Salvador Dali's famous melting clock painting.

Time melts when we allow ourselves to be. Remember, only parts of our mind perceive time. 

Perhaps this is why I’ve often to been attracted to Salvador Dali’s pieces with melting clocks.

May we all melt into the light of ourselves and allow time to become irrelevant. With a molten exhale, may we all shed ourselves of old patterns and thoughts that no longer serve any purpose on our journey, releasing ourselves of the past and surrendering to infinite futures. 


Breathing Journey

Every breath is a journey from thought, body & mind into the world & then recycled into more thoughts, bodies & minds. It is a divine journey many often forget.


We Make Our Days

Every day it becomes more apparent that we decide what will/won’t affect and effect us. We have the ability to make our days “good” or “bad,” even though there is no such thing as a day itself being “good” or “bad.”

I now a person who continues to look for things to worry about despite having what many would consider a “good day” after accomplishing many tasks. Conversely, I also know someone who, by all accounts could have what others would consider a “bad day,” yet almost always will find something to smile about, be it a brief moment or a lesson learned from that day.

When it comes to creating the brief realities of different universes each day, our abilities in this area are much more profound and self-fulfilling than we often realize. This isn’t meant to suggest or imply environmental factors don’t play any part in the unfolding of ourselves. To an extent, certain things are indeed out of our control, especially when we are young and easily impressionable to imprints of the world. HOWEVER, as we age, there is a certain amount of responsibility many of us need to own up to when it comes to our reactions of everything. Since age grants perspective (not wisdom), we have the ability to look back at past actions and reactions to hopefully learn in some way. Based on our perspective and experience, this also means we must recognize how much all of our actions and reactions are now a choice.

Naturally, it is sometimes quite easy to become swept up in the thoughts and emotions of others. But again, this is where meditation and mindfulness comes into play, allowing us to see these patterns within ourselves and others.


Published Thoughts on Fear

published insights thoughts on fear

Elephant Journal has published some of my words about fear.

Extremely humbled to announce that some of my thoughts on fear have been picked up and published by the wonderful people over at Elephant Journal.

Don’t be afraid to show them some love!


Shouldering Too Many Burdens

Many of us face the obstacle of shouldering too many burdens.  Though sometimes it comes from a thoughtful place, the mind can sometimes overestimate the mental capacity and strength we have to endure such heavy thoughts. One needs to be mindful of how much they are putting on themselves. Because many of us have a tendency to carry more responsibility than we can handle, we sometimes forget it’s weighing us down. However, ultimately it is a choice.

When we shoulder too many burdens, it becomes much more difficult to spread our wings.

spread your wings.

Painting by Saeed Akhtar


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