Sacred Listening

Many people, including myself sometimes, might feel that merging or some other forms of action with another are most sacred.

While I agree they are up there on the list of sacred actions, they are not the top. What is at the top is listening to the heartbeat of yourself or someone else.

Not only is one listening to the life that organ generates, but one is also listening to the rhythm of that life. And not just listening to the life or the rhythm, but connecting to that energy as well. It is a most divine alignment.

All Beings

I am grateful to all beings; tribe, friends, family, plant spirits, animal spirits, elemental spirits, myself, ancestors of both past and future and any and all beings who have had any part in helping or hindering me on my walking path in this lifetime so far.

For we are all connected to each other by Great Spirit, the Source of all, yet we are separate in order to experience each other’s existence through a vast array of senses, dimensions and vibrations.

May all of us continue to be.



Benefit of the Doubt

Doubt is not inherently bad.

Some doubt is ok as it shows an understanding of risk. But, the longer doubt lingers, it becomes a virus. When doubts wade around in your mind, impede judgements and emotions, that is when it becomes something more dangerous to you.

A little bit of doubt is ok.

It not only shows our humanity but also our openness to contrary possibilities. Some people exist to doubt though, living a life doubting so many things for whatever reason. That’s their thing, and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean anyone is “right” or “wrong,” that’s just their modus operandi. Some of these people will go so far in their doubting that they will seek out others who think/feel/believe the opposite of them and either argue, ridicule or harass as a way to change perception, because that’s a sure fireproof way to do so. But, that’s no different than some people who think/feel/believe something seeking out the doubters and do the same; argue, ridicule or harass.

But in all of this, usually, these two opposite sides strengthen each other, for better or not, which creates for more nuanced debate. And, if anything, at least people are talking to each other.


Shadow Self

There is a shadow in all of us.

We can either work with it or against it. Just because it is a shadow doesn’t mean it is inherently “bad” or a problem. It is you after all.


Faith in Everyone

Even if life sometimes seems to kick you down, I know, I’ve seen the faith inside you that allows you to get back up because you’re much stronger than anyone can fathom.

Growing pains are a bitch, especially in this confusing and sometimes polarizing era of living, but we chose to be here for a reason. What makes it hard is that each time we’re born we forget why we’re here and what we’re supposed to learn, because part of this whole life thing is re-remembering why we’re here and what we stand for in the first place. That way, it reinforces the lessons to our spirits/souls each time.


The Impatience Syndrome

Today’s society tries patience. And we must remember to breathe when our own patience is being tried.

In an instant we can find “answers” on search engines, microwave meals that are already prepared for us, use an app on our phones to discover what song is playing, use another app to figure out what wines pair with what food, chat with someone on the other side of the world (maybe even talk to them through your computer’s camera), among other things.

But all of these grand advancements have thusly affected our expectations, making us expect all amounts of unreasonable things. In turn, we beat ourselves up when we aren’t “getting over” some deep emotional wound fast enough, we become irritable when our food isn’t cooking fast enough, we become upset when the traffic isn’t moving quick enough (if it’s moving at all).

Then, when one or more of these things occur, suddenly we find ourselves in a veritable storm of short-tempered huffs that often make one unpleasant to be around. While it is healthy to express these frustrations verbally, perhaps one can avoid these unpleasantries all together by looking inward and/or taking a few deep breaths.

Here’s the problem with impatience. Impatience blinds and distracts us. Should one be cooking and feeling impatient for example, the increased chances there is to inadvertently cut, burn or bring harm to oneself, or even messing up the recipe. When driving and feeling impatient, there is an increased risk for us to ignore the traffic laws which is in and of itself potentially bringing harm to others.  This is why breathing &/or reflection in these times is important… it centers us.

As you’re breathing, ask yourself why you are frustrated. After the answer comes to you, ask yourself if these is anything you can do to improve your current situation. If so, why aren’t you doing it? If not, then there’s nothing to be done. Quite simple.

Next time, remember to breathe and remember that everything is amazing and there’s really no reason to be unhappy or impatient, as Louis CK once eloquently explained in the link.


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