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Today I published an article on Medium about a subject I’ve been meditating on for quite some time, but only recently have words come through to express these thoughts.

I encourage everyone to check it out if you feel like it by either clicking on the link above or here…
“Harbinger’s of Change: Millennials, Gen-Y, Scorpio Generation or Whatever You Want to Call Us.”

Technology Awareness

Upon awaking from a nap or a deep sleep, sometimes I find myself needing to record a dream or idea that has suddenly rushed into my mind, and the only tool nearby is my laptop or phone. The same can be said for some of my meditations as well.

Recently however, something has come to my attention as I continue participating in this pattern. It has become much more noticeable how much being around these technology devices alters my normal breathing and heart rate patterns.

In previous posts, I have meditated at length on the rhythms of ourselves as individuals, how others may affect those rhythms and the rhythms of nature we have been ignoring. But looking back, there doesn’t appear to be much thought on technology. I’ve met others who have described feeling various wifi signals and other manmade waves, some people even insisting that I power down my phone around them. And while I’ve never dismissed these claims, I’ve also not embraced them.

This brings us back to our beloved technology that continues to engrain itself into all parts of our lives. I can understand what these people are talking about now, especially as I deepen my meditation practice.

Something happens to my breathing and heart rate after using these tools for a while or when I’m just waking up. I don’t think it has anything to do with what I’m writing about or thinking in those given moments, but maybe it does. But it seems as though there’s something about technology that is clearly disruptive to some people.

In last year, I spent a week without internet access, but I documented my thoughts and later uploaded to Youtube.

After watching that video again, I feel as though the same thing could be said for using multiple tools of technology. This in no way means that I am rejecting all technology or calling for everyone to burn their laptops and phones. That’s impractical for many, though it may work for a few. However, we do need to become more aware of how these technologies are affecting and possibly disrupting our daily lives.

Perhaps the reason for these disruptions is due to the needs of our bodies to be used. Our bodies are not dumb, and they recognize when they are not in regular use or exercise. Some studies are starting to show various levels of disruption as well.

Normally I wouldn’t ask anyone to do this because I realize everyone has their own patterns and ways of doing things. But, the next time you meditate, or the next time you wake up from a nap or sleep, take a few minutes to use your smart phone or laptop. Notice the affects, if any in your body when you use these or other devices. Do you notice any changes in your breathing or heartbeat? Are muscles becoming tense or do they atrophy? Notice your thoughts. Are they racing or normal? Record this. Perhaps try it again another day. Perhaps nothing happens. But try and see.



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