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Critical Thinking Tips

For Everyone Who Thinks

For Everyone Who Thinks

The thoughts in this new article on Medium have been in a long gestation period. A brief excerpt is below, but I encourage all those who hopes to live a higher consciousness and mindful lives to read the whole thing,

“Thanks to an onslaught of complicated laws and loopholes in addition to the ever growing wedge of political division, room for nuanced thought, let alone critical thinking seems to be at an all time low.”



Weight of Focus

Shifting your focus &/or attention to any noun (person, place, thing, idea) gives said noun more weight.

What we focus on we give power through our breath, as our bodies and minds are highly susceptible to synchronizing with different rhythms and energies.


Meditate with Your Morning Person

An old Zen saying (perhaps) about meditation.

Upon waking most mornings, I find my mind is especially restless. Between the time when opening my eyes, many thoughts are racing through my mind like an excited doggy licking my face.

“Hey c’mon let’s do some exercising and then we’re going to do some writing but at some point we need to eat breakfast and don’t forget you haven’t spoken to such and such in a while so you gotta email them oh then there’s that thing with the garden you have to do today so we need to do that at some point too but fuck what about exercise because you gotta do exercise today maybe we should do it twice today and we need to shower at some point today too…” etc etc and so forth.

As much as I attempt to avoid various labels of myself, one that has been fairly consistent throughout my life is the fact that I am a morning person, and as such my mind is most active (and restless) in the morning. According to my mind, there’s always lots to do upon waking up, and this isn’t even five minutes to being fully conscious!

On one hand, it’s an exciting thing to feel, and gets me pumped up in my daily attempts to carpe diem. But on the other hand, it can be quite overwhelming!

It is in this time that one should decide to do some meditation. Admittedly, I do not always meditate in the morning. However after these last two weeks of requiring myself to get up early to meditate (as part of my ongoing study and series Sharing Meds), I’ve found myself understanding the depths of why it is quite important for most of us to practice some form of morning meditation/prayer/yoga/chanting.

For most of us, morning is that time before work and/or other chores. We often don’t give ourselves much time, if any to acclimate to waking from the depths of our subconscious (and in some cases astral travels). To make matters more stressful, many of us (myself included) will sometimes jump right on to different forms of technology first thing to maybe check email, messages, and other such things. I’ve found that exposing oneself to such devices first thing in the morning throws the body and mind off even more, and in fact seems to greatly increase the amount of early morning mind chatter. If we were to pay close attention, we would notice how different our breathing becomes when we first awaken to the time we’ve exposed ourselves to such technological devices. Perhaps not everyone can tell such things, but it is something I’ve noted within myself. Have you taken time to see if this is the case?

This whole scene makes me think of someone who powers on their computer in the morning attempts to download ten different files while listening music and watching a few videos as the computer loads the daily schedule. If they are able to do this immediately, suddenly the computer is slow and overwhelmed, but in most cases, even a computer needs a certain amount of time to prepare itself before it can begin to follow commands. 

The point being, meditation should become a habit for most people in general, but especially the mornings. If you meditate regularly, but not often in the morning, I encourage everyone to make an effort to do so, even if it’s just once or twice a week.

Undoubtedly, some minds that might be reading this will start to chatter with various aplomb about being busy, to which I would respond with the meme at the top.

Not only does morning meditation calm the restless and ready to go mind, it allows one a certain amount of mental and physical silence as one transitions from the sleep to awake state in a much more copacetic manner. It also allows a certain amount of focus and clarity, without the rushing around and falling into various mental traps of “I need to do this and that.”

Try. See what happens.


Problem with Many Religious Groups

Inherently, religion and spirituality isn’t supposed to be harmful.

If we look at both from a historical perspective, we see that religious and spiritual thought was used to comfort humans during our harsh upbringing, when the average life expectancy was 25 or something like that. These thoughts were used to comfort each other about death and give us a better understanding of things we didn’t understand (which was a lot back then).

Fast forward to today where we have a much better grasp on certain things, but in our understanding there is more we don’t understand and many people are much less receptive to religious and spiritual thought. While some might say it is because of outdated notions (which they might be partially right about), I find many cite their frustrations with the seediness and certain practices of various religions, especially when it comes to their exclusivity in terms of belief and inclusion. It should give ANYONE pause (and perhaps make them a little nervous) when one group (or person) claims to have ALL the answers to EVERYTHING, or that they have a book tat has ALL the answers to EVERYTHING. Not only is that inconceivable, it’s also impossible by the sheer fact that because said book &/or teachings were written  thousands of years ago, there was no accounting for problems and moral quandaries of the future (because at the time said problems were also inconceivable). And other problems and moral dilemmas continue to evolve. These things don’t stand still.

And this is a tricky tightrope to walk in general because, many people who practice religion I find are just your average everyday run-of-the-mill person who is one of those decent and hard working types.

The problems and frustrations many find within various religious institutions is the political jockying and occasional dogmatic rhetoric that incites these average everyday run-of-the-mill decent and hard working types. It is understandable why many become frustrated with various groups, especially the leaders that speak of acceptance but then use their power to tell followers you’ve got to believe all or nothing. It also doesn’t help that the media often emphasizes the extreme far-out views of fringe people/groups.

In all religious & spiritual doctrines, there are some highly positive things that are spoken of; such as loving your neighbor or eating food that is kosher &/or halal. But there are also bits in many doctrines that don’t necessarily jive with the evolution of thought processes (nor with other parts of said doctrine as well). And this can get quite frustrating &/or confusing to some, because these average everyday run-of-the-mill decent and hard working types who affiliate themselves with these different groups and texts are often left to toe-the-line, quoting a part of their doctrine for something they don’t fully understand either while their leaders continue to incite and exploit these lovely people who are, at their heart, just looking for some solace and clarity, like the ancient people.

The leadership in many of these institutions is, well… institutionalized and inclusive, which makes it hard for these leaders to be held accountable.  And just like in politics and many other areas in our human lives, we as people have either lost interest or find it impossible to do so. But I promise you it is not, especially because you are part of a group; the larger majority of everyday run-of-the-mill decent and hard working types. And if you don’t understand something about your group/doctrine whatever, chances are there are others who feel the same. And if your leaders don’t want to answer your question or seek a way to alleviate your concern then they are either being lazy or they don’t care.

This isn’t to say a leader’s job is to make sure everyone is copacetic all the time, but they need to at least address the concerns in some fashion. But, sometimes, we must remember that these leaders are also human, and they don’t have all the answers, and sometimes we need to remind them of that too because sometimes I think these leaders feel pressure to have all the answers.


Effortlessly Focused Serenity

Our minds race around, grabbing thoughts and stories of varying emotions regardless if something is true or not, partially because that’s what the mind and brain are programed to do, which is collect data and stimuli. I don’t know if this is true or not for everyone, but it seems as though sometimes the mind sometimes creates its own stimuli within us because in one sense it is fully cognizant of the endless possibilities of things that could happen to us at any moment, however unlikely. And while it’s lovely that the mind is doing this partially out of a sense of protection to us, much like a helicopter parent, it can often dominate the focus of our attention, and often not in the most positive of experiences because of its constant suffocating chatter.

But, meditation allows one to circumnavigate this. It might seem difficult at first because like fear, our mind wants to be heard. And that tricky devil the mind often employs fear as a way for us to listen. But the problem comes about when that’s all we’re listening to, which is where meditation comes into play. Meditation allows all of us a chance to effortlessly focus on serenity.

I realize this might seem like a contradiction. That’s because it is! Focus takes effort! Life’s wonderful puzzle of paradox. BUT, it is also effortless to do so, because through meditation one begins to see all they have to do is sidestep the fear and other mind chatter. We can do this in MANY many different ways. One of them involves recognizing when we’re caught up in the movie of emotions, possibility and other such stimuli by saying to ourselves (and sometimes out loud), “Ok, I’ve been caught up in this stream of stressful thoughts thinking about what to make for dinner that will please everyone, but I’m going to stop for a few moments and focus on my breath.” It’s all about shifting our focus to something else, be it our breath, our heartbeat, or perhaps a mantra. It’s very easy, yet sometimes supremely difficult to sidestep such noisy chatter, or at least our mind wants us to think and feel that it’s difficult, but again, it’s just as easy and effortless  as…


Sharing Meds: Getting Stoned

On the first part of this new episode, I meditate with several stones & crystals that I’ve encountered and used before. And yes, the sound is kinda funky in the beginning, sorry about that.


Thoughts Shatter

the silence of the mind.


Episode 2: Binaural Beats

In episode 2, Bryce explores and learns about using binaural beats in meditation. Several of the binaural beats were pulled from youtube, while two of them are from

Feel free to follow Bryce’s meditation adventures and learnings by following him on Instagram:


Rhythms of Love

Love changes every day.

A moment yesterday that might be considered a loving gesture could transform into something malicious today. Love is always changing and evolving.

It isn’t always what you want. It isn’t always what you need. It isn’t always cuddling and pancakes in the morning. This scares some people because they want it to be cuddling and pancakes in the morning all the time. And those who attempt to corner or stagnate the flowing nature of love into only certain parts are going to hurt the most.

It’s up to us to listen and feel these rhythms of the ever changing love. When we accept the vastness of these rhythms, we allow for a more gentle flow by being open to more possibilities of what love is and evolving towards.


Moments of Others

When one is “present” or in the now, it is almost always quite a lovely experience. Not only are there endless possibilities, but there is a certain serenity present. Our day is full of present moments, sometimes with ourselves, sometimes with something else like a book or painting (creating or enjoying).

And then sometimes it is with others, and here’s where our minds make things more complicated.

So imagine that you’re sitting silently somewhere, having a moment. Maybe you’re reading, maybe you’re meditating. And then imagine one of your friends comes by, asking if you’d like to do this thing with them and some friends. Now, in that moment, two things are happening simultaneously. One, your friend is really asking if you’d like to spend a few moments with them at this time. Two, your mind is thinking either that you’d like to spend a few moments with them. Or it’s wondering why they’re interrupting your moment? And then, depending on how you respond another of three things will happen. Maybe you agree and everything is copacetic. Maybe you decline (politely or otherwise), which then either gets your friend wondering why you don’t want to spend a few moments with them or it’s no big deal to them.

And sometimes we can feel when others would rather us be doing something else instead of being in the moment.

Each moment is either a moment with yourself or with others (sometimes both!), and how you move through and honor those moments with your integrity and code of morals (or whatever makes you YOU) determines the ripples of your actions.


Moving Through

Moving through frustrations, fears and pain is a multifaceted process without a destination. All of these ideas and triggers surrounding said fears, frustration and pain can be moved through in various ways which allow for a release/letting go.

Art allows for various emotional releases and decompression; be it drawing, dancing (one of my favorites), singing (drumming or music in general), writing (my other favorite), sculpting, welding, etc. I often write poetry in order to move through all kinds of emotional releases.

But sometimes that might either not be enough or effective moving through some things, which is why there are also various physical ways to move through these things as well, including wrestling, exercising, meditation or some kind of ritual. Often, when I feel frustrated, I do push-ups.

You can also allow emotion to move through you in various sonic ways like screaming, laughing, crying or orgasm.

Our bodies natural reaction when moving through these things is to tense up/clench when in reality it might not be serving us. Two examples that come to mind are swimming and tattoos. When jumping from great heights into water; people have been known to break bones because they tense up. Another example is that I found when getting my tattoo on my back, tensing up hurt more, but when I started moving my arms and hands, that was a way for the pain to move through my body.

Remember, sometimes nothing should be done, except sitting and being too, but it is up to you to decide when that is.


Thought Breeze

We must remember that our thoughts and/or feelings are like a breeze. Although they sometimes can blow us over, we have the power to control the gusts.


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